Seal News – July 2017


As we come to the end of term, on behalf of the committee, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the members, carers and volunteers for what has been a successful year of swimming at Sherwood Seals swimming club.

Over the year, we have been able to introduce a greater structure to our sessions which has included our approach to award achievement. Whether it be swimming 1000m or simply having the confidence to jump in the pool by themselves, we have been able to reward those who want to record their achievements on a regular basis.

We also want to ensure that the members can work towards their achievement on a week by week basis, making steady progress to get ready to attempt an award. Linda will observe and support each week and be able to guide the member on the appropriate time to take their next step.

It’s been fantastic to see the enjoyment and pleasure that our swimmers get out of such achievements, but also to see the pleasure that everyone gets out of taking part in a safe and social environment.

Next session back

Our last session of the summer will be on 24th of August and we return on 11th September for a 6 week term running to 16th October. For those of you that like to pay in advance, this will mean the term fee is £27.


As many of you will be aware, we are a voluntary run club and we rely on our volunteers giving up their time to help our members in the pool.

Some of our volunteers are parents, but others are from various backgrounds who just want to help us out.

A number of younger volunteers have been at school, and have sat their GCSE and A Level Exams. A number will also now be moving onto the next stage of their lives with University, job’s etc.

The help and support we have had from all of our younger volunteers is absolutely fantastic and the support, effort and time they have put into helping all of our members is greatly appreciated by me and I am sure you as well.

We have had some new volunteers joining us to help, but if we are low on numbers, can I ask  parents and carers step in and help during this period so our members can still enjoy swimming and get the levels of support they need.

We have been having some great sessions over the last few weeks so your help in keeping that atmosphere going will be greatly appreciated.

Have a great summer break and see you in September.


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