Important Update to Committee Duties and Chairmanship

Dear All,

Following a committee meeting held on 26th September, I have some important updates for you on committee duties and the role of Chairman.

It is with a good deal of regret that, after seven years of involvement, I must announce I will be stepping down as Chairman and Membership Secretary of Sherwood Seals.  A change in my personal circumstances means that I can no longer guarantee my availability for the swimming session on a Monday. As such, I don’t want to start letting the club down and so must hand over my roles within the club to others.

During the committee meeting, several duties were re-allocated as follows;

Membership Secretary: Cyril Madigan

Website Maintenance: Cyril Madigan

New Member Contact point : Joolz Evans

Subs and Membership collection: Laura Sage

The role of Chairman/Chairwoman still needs to be filled.

I’m sure you will agree that Sherwood Seals is an important part of our members lives providing a safe and accepting space for them to exercise, socialise and learn to swim.

However, it still remains that the club belongs to the members and carers, with the committee volunteering to be the custodians of running the club.

The committee now need more help to operate the club on a week by week basis and are asking for support. Without a Chairman/Chairwoman and new committee members to take the club forward, there is a real risk that Sherwood Seals could dwindle and cease to exist.

If you would be willing to provide a little of your time to maintain the running of Sherwood Seals so more new members can benefit from what it offers, please speak to a member of the committee who will be happy to discuss what would be involved.

Thank you for the support you continue to give Sherwood Seals

Dave Pawson (Chairman)   


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