Great News – Returning to the pool 06/09/2021

We have finally had confirmation from Swim England that we can again return to the pool.  We know it is short notice but we can return starting tonight 06/09/2021 for those of you that can make it?

The schedule will be 1830 – 1930 main pool/1930 – 2000 training/play pool every Monday during Nottinghamshire school term and excluding public holidays.

A couple of changes to be aware of due to COVID-19.  

  1. Initially we will not be able to provide volunteers, so while we recruit, and provide the necessary training.  We will require that either parents/carers enter the pool with their child/caree.
  2. Other clubs that have returned are arriving pool ready, and only using the changing facilities after the activity.  If possible it would be appreciated if we could do the same. (This will help in reducing the cleaning burdon at the centre).

Other than that, it will be more or less the same as when you last came to the club.

We are looking forward to seeing you all return and possibly see some new faces too.


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