Important Update to Committee Duties and Chairmanship – November 2017

Dear All,

Following a committee meeting held on 07th November, I have some important updates for you on committee duties and the role of Chairman.

David has now stepped down from his role as chairman having had seven years of involvement with the club.  Please join me in thanking David for his efforts and guiding the club to where it is today and to wish him well in the future.

During the committee meeting the role of Chairman/Chairwoman was discussed and it was decided that both Cyril Madigan and Laura Sage would take on joint responsibility for the foreseeable future, therefore the duties that were allocated previously have been re-allocated as follows;

Chairpeople: Cyril Madigan / Laura Sage

Membership Secretary: Cyril Madigan

Website Maintenance: Cyril Madigan

New Member Contact point : Joolz Evans

Subs and Membership collection: Laura Sage

Thank you for the support you continue to give Sherwood Seals

Cyril Madigan (Chairman) / Laura Sage (Chairwoman)   


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